Achrafieh, Beirut , Lebanon

MEFS Journal

Middle East Fertility Society

As of 1 January 2019 the journal has been transferred to the new Publisher, Springer Nature.

Middle East Fertility Society Journal publishes peer reviewed papers reporting original research, as well as opinions, debates and case reports of outstanding originality. These articles aim at summarizing concisely important and rapidly-developing areas of reproductive medicine. The journal will consider for publication original papers, contributed solely to the Middle East Fertility Society Journal, covering relevant scientific and clinical aspects of reproductive physiology and pathology, reproductive endocrinology and endocrine therapies. It also includes andrology, contraception, early pregnancy, embryo development, ethical issues, fertilization, gametogenesis, genetic screening (first trimester) , genetic diagnosis (pre-implantation), gonadal function, implantation, infectious diseases, menstrual disorders, psycho-social issues, reproductive genetics, reproductive surgery, reproductive epidemiology, and stem cell research.