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Membership to the Society is open for all individuals active in the field of reproductive medicine and science.

Membership to the Society is open for all individuals active in the field of reproductive medicine and science, including medical doctors, scientists, students and support personnel such as nurses, laboratory technicians, counselors, psychologists, social workers etc. Since its foundation in 1992, the Society has increased its membership from 20 to 2500 members (November 2008 count). Members of MEFS are distributed over all continents, although membership is primarily concentrated in Middle Eastern countries.

There are two membership categories:

  • Active membership
    Active memberships include physicians, scientists holding Ph.D. degree in one of the biological sciences, or similar qualified individuals who have special interest in promoting the purpose of the society. They shall have the right to vote. Application of candidates for active membership shall be submitted to the secretary to the approval. The executive committee shall review the rejected applications for final decision on them.
  • Associate membership
    Students who are working towards a medical or scientific degree, and physicians who are serving residencies of fellowship programs, nurses and technicians, may apply for Associate membership. Membership in this status is automatically terminated one year after completion of training. Associate members applications shall be proceeded under the procedures outlined for active membership applicants. They shall not have the right to vote.


All individuals who have been accepted as member of the Society can benefit from the following:

  • Membership certificate.
  • Reduction in registration fees for all MEFS activities.
  • Regular Information on all MEFS activities in form of brochures and leaflets.
  • Benefits from all other international societies related to MEFS in partnership or sister ship society.
  • Opportunities for active participation in scientific meetings such as:
    • Give Oral, poster or video presentations.
    • Lead seminars and workshop, symposia and roundtables
    • Serve as faculty for postgraduate courses at annual meetings and throughout the year.
  • MEFS journals
  • Newsletter, a newsletter that informs MEFS members about events and meetings

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