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MEFS Special Interest Groups

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About Us

The MEFS Embryology Specialty Interest Group (MEFS Emb. SIG) is the professional association of clinical embryologists and laboratory specialists. Through its MEFS platform, Emb.SIG advances the profession of clinical embryology through education, communication of knowledge, leadership development and collaboration. Members include county, regional, as well as international clinical embryologists and health care fertility providers.

The aim of the MEFS Emb. SIG is to foster consistent improvement in assisted conception outcomes in the Arab World by promoting the ongoing education of all ART laboratory scientists, to reach the highest standard of professionalism and quality in the field of organized clinical embryology.

Mission Statement

MEFS Emb. SIG is committed to educating and supporting clinical embryologists to advance the profession of embryologists and andrology/embryology laboratories management.

Vision Statement

MEFS Emb. SIG's vision is to be the foremost resource for Arab’s clinical embryology professionals in achieving excellence in andrology/embryology laboratories management.

Values Statement

MEFS Emb. SIG values service, integrity, innovation, diversity, professionalism, teamwork and individual contribution.


Membership Benefits Joining the MEFS Emb. SIG gives you the opportunity to:

  • influence the direction of your profession in the Arab World
  • network with other ART lab scientists
  • stay up to date with issues and events that affect ART lab scientists

Why Join the group?

  • Networking:

    Membership in the MEFS Emb. SIG offers the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with leading researchers and practitioners in the field. The best opportunity for networking occurs at the annual MEFS conference.

  • Newsletter (EmbryoEdge):

    A newsletter is published electronically monthly containing: 1) recent papers of particular interest, 2) announcements of forthcoming meetings on subjects related to clinical embryology, 3) a level 1 evidence paper, 5) an infographic, 6) a 10 years challenge including two papers of a specific topic or author one recently published and the other the last decade, 7) the S. Holmes appraisal comprising results of the visual assessment quiz and 8) polls results. Newsletters are sent via email to members. The table of content may vary each month.

  • Directory:

    A membership directory will be available online through the MEFS website. The directory lists the member’s name, the name of their organization, address, and email.

  • Embryo Chat Listserv (EMBline):

    The MEFS Emb. SIG sponsors a listserv as a vehicle to foster communication between members on all topics related to clinical embryology. It includes members posts, some selected posted from the web, a poll and a S. Holmes appraisal quiz. Advertisements or offensive posts will be blocked. Remember that your posts will be sent to all members so be judicious in your choice of words.

  • Voice in the Annual MEFS meeting program:

    The MEFS Emb. SIG provides a voice in the annual MEFS meeting. Members are encouraged to contribute in the embryology scientific program.

  • Public affairs:

    The MEFS Emb. SIG cares about many aspects of your reproductive life cycle. We provide information on ART for the public. Members assist in preparing patient resources, fact sheets or frequently requested reproductive health information.

How to join

Click HERE to subscribe and fill a contact information form.

*You can also send “subscribe” in the subject to and your name, your title, your country, the name of your organization, and address, in the email body.

How to use the LISTSERV (for list subscribers):EMBline

Commands to subscribe, post, reply must be e-mailed to All posts should be signed. Note that EMBline is a moderated discussion group.

  • Post a thread:

    write POST in the email subject.

  • Replying to a thread:

    for example, assume you have an interest in replying to a thread labeled 1.2.1 and wish to join the discussion. Send RE- followed by the label of the post (RE-1.2.1) in the email subject.

  • Posting a job should include:

    1)Position:, 2)Name of organization:, 3)Location:, 4)Starting date:, 5)Full or part time:, 6)Possible weekends/holidays (yes or no):, 7)Educational requirements:, 8)Certification requirements:, 9)Years of experience:, 10)Will train a novice or other skills (yes or no):, 11)Contact name and email for response or further information.

  • Posting an equipment:

    include the type of equipment, brand, price (donation/price), contact name and email for response.


Dr. Fadi Choucair

Dr. Fadi Choucair is the senior embryologist at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. He holds a PhD in the field of transcriptomics and reproductive epigenetics from the University of Cote d’Azur, France. Dr. Choucair is a faculty member and has lectured and taught Pathophysiology of male sexual function, Embryo cell signaling, Research methodology, Cell Cycle and Assisted Reproduction to graduate students. His research interests include sperm epigenome and oxidative stress. Fadi is truly passionate about the future growth and development of our profession in the Arab World.

Full CV is available upon request.



***Declaration of interest: All executive team members declare no conflict of interest***


Senior Embryologist at the AUBMC
Associate Professor of Obstetrics
Associate Professor
Director of Medical Genetics at AUB
Obstetrics and Gynecology Minimally Invasive