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Abstract submission

Middle East Fertility Society

How to submit an abstract to MEFS2024
1. Abstracts can be submitted as attachments to
2. Abstracts must be submitted no later than September 1, 2024. 
3. Abstracts should only be submitted if at least one (co)author plans to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting.
4. At the time of submission, abstract content should be original and unpublished material.
5. Abstracts should be submitted in English only.
6. Authors should be listed with family name first, followed by initials (i.e. Abbas, J.; Hammoud, S.) Do not include professional titles or degrees. 
7. A minimum of three and a maximum of five keywords should be listed.
8. Abstracts should be structured and should follow a number of sub?headings as shown below. Unstructured abstracts will be returned. 
  1. Title (maximum 25 words)
  2. Authors (maximum of 10 co-authors)
  3. Key words (minimum of three and maximum of five)
  4. Study question (maximum 25 words)
  5. Summary answer (maximum 25 words)
  6. What is known already (maximum 100 words)
  7. Study design, size, duration (maximum 75 words)
  8. Participants/materials, setting, methods (maximum 75 words)
  9. Main results and the role of chance (maximum 200 words)
  10. Limitations, reasons for caution (maximum 50 words)
  11. Wider implications of the findings (maximum 50 words)
  12. Study funding/competing interest(s)
  13. Trial registration number (if registered clinical trial)