MEFS Special Interest Groups

Newly Minted Menopause

The newly minted Menopause Special Interest Group within MEFS aims to create, over the next two years, a space at the annual meeting for the sharing and exchange of knowledge and opinions related to conditions exacerbated by female reproductive aging

Recognizing the diversity of interests in the field, this will be a multidisciplinary forum, and inclusive of the medical, sociocultural and psychological dimensions of menopausal medicine. Clinicians (both medical and non-medical), scientists and trainees will be encouraged to advance the mission of MEFS thru attraction of new members, engagement in active dialogue and submission of research and clinical vignettes for consideration by the scientific committee of the annual meeting. Whenever possible, scientific and educational exchanges and collaborations between this group and similar special interest groups in other societies will be encouraged.



Senior Embryologist at the AUBMC
Associate Professor of Obstetrics
Associate Professor
Director of Medical Genetics at AUB
Obstetrics and Gynecology Minimally Invasive