Achrafieh, Beirut , Lebanon

Friday December 16, 2022

Middle East Fertility Society

Friday December 16, 2022

Room 1
08:00 - 09:00


Room 1
09:00- 09:30
KEYNOTE LECTURE I: The Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud lecture - O1             
Non-invasive PGT-A: The Next Generation for Embryo Viability Diagnosis
Carlos Simon (Spain)


Room 1
09:30- 10:30
IBSA Symposium:When science meets nature
09:30 The roots for optimizing ovarian stimulation
Inaki Gonzalez Foruria (Spain)
10:00 The roots for optimizing luteal phase support
Inaki Gonzalez Foruria (Spain)


10:30 - 11:00
Coffee Break


Room 1
11:00 - 12:00
Ferring Symposium: 
11:00 FET: Individualizing Endometrial Preparation and Luteal Support to Optimize Outcomes
Scott Nelson (UK)
11:20 Clinical Update on Female Fertility Preservation
Dominic Stoop (Belgium)
11:40 A Commitment to Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Health
Gaurang Daftary (US)


12:00 - 13:00
Lunch Break


Room 1
13:00 - 13:30
KEYNOTE LECTURE II: The Professor AboulGhar lecture– O02                                       
Chair: Mohammad Aboulghar (Egypt)
Automation: The Future of the IVF Laboratory
Santiago Munne (Spain)


Room 1
13:30 - 15:00 
CONCURRENT SCIENTIFIC SESSION 1: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss                             
13:30 O3 The Expanding Role of 23-chromosome Microarray Testing in the Evaluation of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
William Kutteh (USA)
13:50 O4 PGT A for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
14:10 O5 An update on PRP in Reproductive Medicine
Fadi Sharara (USA)
14:30 O6 Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Maysarah Alawneh (UAE)


Room 2
13:30 - 15:00 
CONCURRENT SCIENTIFIC SESSION 2: Diminished Ovarian Reserve                             
13:30 O7 The Mexican Society for Reproductive Medicine Exchange Lecture:
Ovarian Rejuvenation Through Platelet-Rich Autologous Plasma (PRP)
Alvaro Santibanez (Mexico)
13:50 O8 PGT A for the Treatment of the Poor Responder
Elizabeth Sarah Ginsburg (USA)
14:10 O9 The Challenges of Stimulation in Low Ovarian Reserve Patients
Luna-Rojas Martha (Mexico)
14:30 O10 Empirical Use of GH in IVF: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Wael Jamal (Canada)


Room: 3
13:30 - 15:00 CONCURRENT SCIENTIFIC SESSION 3: Assisted Reproductive Technology                   
Chair: Mona Aboulghar
13:30 O11 Updates on Medical Treatment for Endometriosis 
Jared Robins (USA)
13:50 O12 Egg Freezing: Indications, Limits, Outcomes and Cost
Luciano Nardo (UK)
14:10 O13 How to Monitor Natural Cycles for Frozen Embryo Transfers
Baris Ata (Turkey)
14:30 O14 Perinatal Outcomes Following Assisted Reproductive Techniques
Abdallah Adra (Lebanon)
15:00- 15:30 
Coffee Break


15:30- 16:00
TED TALK 1 - O15
Panel: Johnny Awwad (Qatar), Mohammed Aboulghar (Egypt),Urszula Sankowska (Poland) , Piotr Wygocki (Poland), Jared Robins (USA).
Artificial Intelligence in ART: Opportunities, Challenges and Limitations


Room: 1
16:00- 17:00
CONCURRENT SCIENTIFIC SESSION 4: Recurrent Implantation Failure
16:00  O16 Why Does Everything Go Right, but the Patient Does not Deliver a Baby?
Lucas Gianaroli (Italy)
16:20  O17 Recurrent Implantation Failure - Improving Successful Outcomes
William Kutteh (USA)
16:40  O18 Clinical strategies in Recurrent Implantation Failure
Luna-Rojas Martha (Mexico)
17:00  O19 Fibroids and Fertility: To Remove or Not?
Sadoon Sadoon (UAE)


Room: 2
16:00- 17:00
16:00  O20 Reproductive Genetics: Current Status in 2022
Elias Dahdouh (Canada)
16:20  O21 Comprehensive Embryo Genome Sequencing with de Novo Mutation Screening
Nick Murphy (Australia)
16:40  O22 Trophectoderm Re-biopsy: Implications on Outcomes?
Anastasia Salameh (UAE)
17:00  O23 Ectopic Pregnancy and IVF: An Iatrogenic Event?
Serge Mattar (UAE)


Room: 3
16:00- 17:00 
Embryology Special Interest Group
16:00  O24 Minding the gaps: reflecting on the value of embryologists
Nagham Younis (USA)
16:20  O25 Tackling e-visibility of embryologists on fertility clinic websites
Georges Raad (Lebanon)
16:40 O26 An analysis of regulations and practice of embryologists in Arab countries
Fadi Choucair (Qatar)
17:00 O27 How to set up a research program?
Hany Lashen (UAE)


17:30- 18:00 Meeting at Exhibit