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Middle East Fertility Society


Join us for the latest education and research
Attend the MEFS Scientific Congress to hear top experts in reproductive medicine discuss the latest in reproductive care. Find answers, learn, and network all in one convenient location.
The Middle East Fertility Society (MEFS is a 29 year-old professional society whose mission is to improve fertility care of couples in the Middle East and the World through the transfer of medical knowledge and the promotion of scientific research. The society has become a vehicle of knowledge dissemination and a platform for research collaboration in the whole region.
MEFS regroups nowadays a large and diverse group of scientists and professionals, including Fertility Specialists, Reproductive Endocrinologists, Urologists, Reproductive Surgeons, Embryologists, Gynecologists & Obstetricians, Fertility Nurses, and other allied health professionals from the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the World.
The annual scientific event has traditionally become the meeting point where all fertility specialists across the Middle East find the opportunity to exchange scientific information, renew social bonds, strengthen national solidarity, and consolidate cultural heritage.
This year, we deliver MEFS Annual Congress on December 1-3, 2022 in person. We hope you enjoy a wealth of cutting-edge knowledge in Human Reproduction and a myriad of unique expertise from renowned authorities from all over the world.



MEFS 2022 Congress Committees


Congress Chairman
Hisham Ayyoub
Honorary Chairman:
Samir Abbas 
Steering Committee:
Hamad Sufyan
Hassan Abduljabbar
Local Organizing Committee:
Abdel Aziz Al Shahrani
Bandar Abdulkarim
Fawaz Idriss
Hanan Alonazy
Houwaida Hashim
Mazen Bshara
Nariman Alturairy
Nasser Alsaad
Nayla Bushager
Nouf Al Asmari
Saud –Alsawaida
Tawfig Gaafar
Scientific Congress Program Committee
Johnny Awwad (Chair)
Hisham Ayyoub
Jean Marc Ayyoubi
Micheal Fakih
Michel Abou Abdallah
Mohamad Aboulghar
Nayla Bushager
Yacoub Khalaf


MEFS Officers

Executive Committee      

Botros Rizk, M.D., President (EGY)
Jean Marc Ayoubi, M.D., President-Elect (LEB)
Marwan Al-Halabi, M.D., Immediate Past-President (SYR)
Toufic Nakad, M.D., Secretary (LEB)
Mohamed Hafiz, M.D., Treasurer (SUD)
Ali Husseini, M.D., Member (IRQ)
Aref Alkhalidi, M.D., Member (JOR)
Bandar Abdulkarim, M.D., Member (KSA)
M.  Walaa ElDeeb, M.D., Member (EGY)
Yomna Zaghloul, M.D., Member (EGY)
Said Mekkawi, M.D., Student Affair-CME program (LEB)
Central Office
Michel Abou Abdallah, M.D., Executive Director 
Johnny Awwad, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer  
Lina Sinno, Associate Executive Director 
Political Statement
The aim of MEFS is to provide a forum for the exchange and discussion of new clinical and scientific ideas. The Middle East Fertility Society, in good faith assume that all participants will respect the non- political nature of its annual meeting.
Equal Opportunity Statement
MEFS values and endorses diversity and tolerance among its members, officers, and staff. The Society prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, or others prohibited by Law.
Disclaimer Statement
The content and views presented in this Scientific Congress belong to the invited faculty and do not necessarily reflect those of the Middle East Fertility Society. Participants are therefore encouraged to review other medical resources before implementing changes about patient care to their clinical practice.
English is the official language of the meeting. There will be no simultaneous translation.
This scientific activity is awarded  contact hours by the Middle East Fertility Society. Physicians should claim only contact hours commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity